Small meeting rooms

Multifunctional small room

We offer two private rooms / offices of 9sqm with a maximum capacity for 4 people:

  1. Furnished with desk, chairs, retractable sink, projector and speaker (on request).
  2. For those who by the nature of their work (eg. therapists) do not need desks or chairs, we can provide the room empty with a sink.
  3. By renting the room you have the right to use the common areas and to be part of our community of local people and businesses.
  4. Upon request, we can provide a coffee and tea station inside the room.


From Monday to Friday the coworking area is open from 8:30 to 19.
Saturday morning from 8:30 to 12.
The hours for private rooms can be extended only by previous appointment, as for Saturday afternoons and Sundays.

The rooms are wheelchair accessible.

In case of cancellation of a confirmed reservation, we ask you to notify us within 24 hours of your appointment.

Just contact us to schedule a visit or reserve a room here

Via mazzini 15, Oderzo (TV)

9sqm private room, cleaning services, super fast internet, americano or espresso coffee, kitchen area with microwave and kettle, Zoran hub community bulletin board if you want to share something with other coworkers. Find everything here.

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