Our Idea (Mission and Values)

Zoran Hub thrives to be a place of connection, sharing, work and community

What we do

We offer coworking spaces, large and small private rooms for meetings, courses, workshops, holistic disciplines, freelancers, start-ups and smart workers, aiming to create a network between various professionals and local businesses.

Why coworking?

Working in a shared environment has many positive aspects

It stimulates concentration, increases productivity and gives you the opportunity to meet potential collaborators and customers.

This formula allows you to keep your private life separate from your professional one, optimizing costs and your time.

Why holistic disciplines?

In recent years, many have approached disciplines such as yoga, meditation or reiki

Given the hectic pace of modern life that often brings anxiety and stress into everyday life, people are looking for these disciplines and there are many teachers who need adequate space to hold their classes.
We also believe that the possibility of starting or ending the working day by participating in one of these lessons is an added value that allows you to go home with peace of mind and a work done sensation.

Why professions different from each other?

This creates a positive, dynamic and healthy environment

We believe that an environment with different professional figures is less competitive, more collaborative and helps innovation.

Why dynamic spaces?

We like the idea of being able to accommodate different needs

We live in an era where everything as well as professions and working methods are in constant motion and change, so we have decided to furnish and equip our spaces so that they can be adapted to the customer needs.

Why now?

Smart workers, start uppers and freelancers are on the rise today

Working from home or at the bar can be comfortable, but in these places there are too many distractions and. they lack of a professional group collaboration feeling. In the end professionals need a stimulating place, where they can concentrate.

To sum up

We offer a space that allows people to focus and feel comfortable.

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